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Help us offer resources to victims of Sex Trafficking

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We are fundraising to helps victims and to raise awareness about human trafficking

Arukah Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to restore, renew, and rebuild the lives of survivors of sex trafficking in Santa Cruz County and beyond. Our integrated approach engages and empowers the local church, businesses, government agencies, and community stakeholders to collaborate to bring wholeness and freedom.

We are proud to offer resources in the arenas of prevention and restoration.

While Santa Cruz is a nationally recognized hotspot for human trafficking, local awareness is critically low, and these crimes go mostly unrecognized, unreported, and therefore unaddressed.
● Resources are thin or non-existent and victims are left to fend for themselves or navigate a maze of inadequate services that leave them overwhelmed and defeated.
● System wide lack of understanding regarding the prevalence of trafficking in our county.
● Lack of effective multidisciplinary cooperation within the various organizations.
● No specialized training to support Foster Resource families to help CSEC population
● No local prevention programs that train the public to recognize and report predators or suspected trafficking

Our organization is the only nonprofit in Santa Cruz County that focuses solely on human trafficking. Our unique team is comprised of a human trafficking investigator, a survivor/advocate, a certified human trafficking case manager and an entrepreneur and women’s leader with combined experience of over 5 decades. Together, since 2019, we have accomplished the following:
● Created an online prevention training program ( that educates parents, teens, churches, businesses and first responders (CAPCE accredited) and the public regarding online safety and how to recognize and report predatory behavior and suspected trafficking (launched Nov 2021)
● In May 2022, we were licensed to open the first Foster Family Agency in our county that specializes in CSEC (commercially sexually exploited children)
● Cared for multiple adult survivors providing full case management services
● Expanded communication and integration of victim services

Will you partner with us financially to continue raising awareness of human trafficking in our community as well as provide resources to the adult and child victims who have experienced this injustice?